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It feels somewhat dismissive to call InfinifactorySpaceChem – but in 3D!”, but that’s exactly what it is – indeed, that’s exactly what it’s marketed as in the Steam blurb:

LIKE SPACECHEM… IN 3D! Design and run factories in a first-person, fully 3D environment.

In fairness to Zachtronics they did make SpaceChem, and so in describing their third mass-market game this way they’ve just saved me a whole lot of bother trying to sum up what Infinifactory is about. It’s SpaceChem. But in 3D.

What’s that You didn’t play SpaceChem Well, in that case my advice would be for you to crawl out from the rock you’ve been living under for the past five years, go to Steam, and buy it right the fuck now, since it’s the best puzzle game I’ve played in the last decade. If you want a little more information before you do that, I’ll grudgingly oblige, though: SpaceChem is a game where you take a series of inputs — in SpaceChem’s case a variety of molecules — and use a pair of manipulators on a 2D grid to weld them together into bigger and more complex molecules. The manipulators can be given simple instructions – grab, drop, rotate, pause and so on — and the key to the game is to synchronise your manipulators with careful timing to achieve the desired output.

Infinifactory is that. But in 3D.

Oh okay, there are some important differences that go beyond the additional dimension. Every puzzle in Infinifactory has you taking a set inputs and manipulating them to form a desired output, just like in SpaceChem. In Infinifactory the inputs take the form of (at the start of the game) a selection of one or more blocks that have to be stuck together into a certain configuration, or (later on) some big pre-built construction that has to be rebuilt into something new. To do this you have at your disposal a selection of factory blocks, starting with a basic conveyor belt and progressing through to welders, sensors, pusher blocks, rotator blocks and more. You have an unlimited number of these blocks — which are perfectly happy floating in midair as long as there’s at least one block in the construction anchored to the ground — as well as the ability to fly anywhere in the level via jetpack, so the factory you can build is limited only by the selection of blocks you’ve unlocked and the total amount of space available in the level.

And your imagination, of course.

This is a fair bit more freedom than SpaceChem gave you. In SpaceChem you were slaved to that 2D grid which made transportation of the larger molecules downright hellish in places. Infinifactory is positively roomy by comparison – I’m 12 hours in and about two thirds of the way through the campaigns, and I’ve only just come across a level where I had to stretch to squeeze everything in. Infinifactory’s challenge instead lies in the design of individual mechanisms rather than the construction of an entire system; each level starts with you taking a look at the input and ouput and mapping out a series of tasks that have to be done to make one match the other, and then building a series of mechanisms that will accomplish these tasks. Like all the best puzzle games Infinifactory never holds your hand beyond a few infographics to demonstrate the functioning of new blocks, but it is quite good at ramping up the complexity of its puzzles — and its mechanisms — in such a way that you quickly and naturally establish a basic toolbox for doing tasks you encounter again and again, like counting out a specific number of a certain block before pushing it on to the next stage of the factory. The move to 3D confers a lot more flexibility in what you can build and so there’s usually a little tweaking of the design involved to make it better fit the specific circumstance you’re using it in, but probably 70-80% of each level is built using mechanisms and ideas you’ve used in previous puzzles.

The key part, of course — and the part that makes both SpaceChem and Infinifactory such good puzzlers — is that 20% you haven’t come across before. This is the part that causes you to scratch your head and experiment, because it’s rare that the solution is immediately obvious or that the first thing you try will work. Sometimes you’ll come up with a good, compact solution that becomes part of your toolbox, and sometimes you’ll build some horrifyingly inefficient agglomeration of sensors, conduits and pusher blocks that makes you feel ashamed to be playing this game, but you’ll always feel quite smart when you successfully solve a level. I think this is the crucial thing that makes these games work: they’re complicated games, but you’re never placed in a situation where you don’t have a clue where to start. Thanks to that previous experience you can always build at least part of the system, and once you’ve done that you can usually nail the rest of it through a little bit of trial and error.

Now, if there are any programmers reading this the above approach to solving these particular problems might sound a little bit familiar, and that’s because both SpaceChem and Infinifactory’s basic setup bears more than a passing resemblance to basic programming functions. My experience is mostly with Python, where you make functions that take a number of inputs and return one or more outputs, and that’s exactly how Infinifactory works: it’s a series of these compact input-output functions chained together to achieve a specific goal. It’s even got some basic logic in it as the sensor blocks work kind of the same way as an IF statement, and later on you can use them with blockers for the equivalent of IF NOT.  Just like programming you’ll remember particularly good solutions when you come across the same problem later, and just like programming you’ll occasionally hare off down the wrong path for twenty minutes and end up building something awful that you push through to the end because you’re committed now, but thankfully you don’t have to live with your mistakes for longer than it takes to complete the level.

So Infinifactory has much of the same catnip appeal that programming does – except because it’s dressed up as a game it’s far more palatable to non-programmers (I was addicted to SpaceChem before I’d ever coded a single word of Python, after all). The idea translates remarkably well to 3D, too; I don’t think Infinifactory makes quite as much use of the third dimension as it really should, especially since you don’t unlock the lifter block that lets you move blocks vertically until about halfway through the game, but the Minecraft-style building and block placement feels easy and natural. It does have its downsides – in particular the undo and redo functions are laggy and unusable, and there doesn’t seem to be a good way to move blocks en masse, meaning that if you realise your mechanism is one block to the left of where it should be you have to tear it down and rebuild it from scratch in the new spot — but it works really well, and it’s a damn sight more attractive than SpaceChem.

Is Infinifactory a better game than SpaceChem, though That’s a difficult call to make, as while they’re built around the same core concept they each have a very different focus. SpaceChem had the advantage that you were chaining together multiple factories into a larger machine that you could control, like the level with the laser that you had to fuel and shoot to explode incoming asteroids. I’m over halfway through Infinifactory, and while there are still one or two blocks left to unlock I haven’t come across anything that’ll let me control my factories while they’re running. As soon as you push the ON switch it runs completely hands-off without any intervention from you. This removes the balancing crutches you could build into some of SpaceChem’s puzzles, but I think Infinifactory does lose something important for not having that kind of interaction; it’s strictly about matching the outputs and nothing else. On the other hand it is nice to be building actual things – missiles, computer terminals, fully-furnished apartments — rather than byzantine collections of molecules, and it is a bit more satisfying to see the blocks make their way around your conveyor layout in glorious 3D. That goes double in the woefully-few levels where you’re compelled to make effective use of the vertical plane.

Ultimately, though, I think what Infinifactory loses in terms of interaction it makes up for in imagination. Some of the stuff you build is truly barmy, and some of it literally makes you laugh out loud when you see what you have to make. It’s got a perfectly-pitched difficulty curve, with level design that’s great at constantly changing things up and keeping you interested while providing a consistently challenging selection of puzzles. Because this is a Zachtronics game there’s the usual cryptic backstory delivered mostly through audiologs purloined from dead bodies, but it’s never worse than inoffensive and actually gets quite engaging towards the end.  Besides underusing the three-dimensionality of the new environment Infinifactory barely puts a step wrong; the design, presentation and audio are top-notch all the way through. It may or may not be better than SpaceChem depending on your personal taste, but it’s definitely something you’ll find inhabiting the same lofty heights of the genre Photoshop Brushes Pack 23 of 23

Zachtronics SpaceChem

With the launch of the new ZI website, the old ZI website was moved to (where you are right now). Comments are disabled and there will be no new posts. Unless you are looking for strange, old Zachtronics Industries stuff, you probably want to visit instead!

I’m glad to see that you guys are excited about SpaceChem, because I know that I am! To answer a few questions from the comments:

– As payjack points out, this game looks an awful lot like a real indie game, which I assume means you suspect that it will cost money. Which would be the correct thing to assume! While we’re not 100% sure on the price point at the moment, it will definitely be available sometime in the next few months, on some sort of digital distribution platform and/or for purchase on my site, for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

– Okay, so maybe this isn’t a question, but as we get closer to launch I’ll be counting on you, my dependable Extreme Fans, to let the rest of the world know about SpaceChem. You can start by joining the mailing list and/or following the SpaceChem twitter (@spacechemgame) so that you hear all the latest news as it becomes available.

– Unfortunately, I do not think that SpaceChem’s physics implementation will be powerful enough to support self-interpreters. Don’t let that get you down, though, as the game is puzzling enough despite limited molecular interactions!

If you have anything else you’re dying to know about SpaceChem (or Zachtronics Industries, or anything else) feel free to ask in the comments. Welcome to the future of Zachtronics Industries!

I got an email this morning from a fan of a new-ish flash engineering game, Tile Factory, suggesting I tell you guys about it.

So I will!

Tile Factory is an engineering game by Jonathon Duerig that involves factories and tiles. From what I’ve played the gameplay feels like a mix of Manufactoid and Factory Balls, but without the Lua of Manufactoid or the random trial and error of Factory Balls. That’s a compliment, by the way.

You can play the game on Kongregate and then, once you’re hooked, find a lot of user created levels here.

Who here likes my “engineering” games Everyone Excellent! Because I have something that you may like!

And then go vote for it with 5-stars because this fellow is close to winning the weekly prize!

What is this It’s a flash game called Manufactoid Manufactoria by a Nicholas Feinberg of mysterious origins. And it’s a proper game for engineers, about nothing less than finite state machines (and possibly more complex computational machines, as I haven’t beaten the game yet) in the guise of robot testing equipment. It even has charming flavor text and auto-save. Why are you still reading this Go play this game!

EDIT: Yup, I see something that looks like a Turing machine. Incredible!

Although it appears to have gone over some heads, the last post, Internal Developments, was intended as satire. Perhaps not enough of you have experience in production environments where XML is used like a glorious aether that ties everything together. Fortunately, I think we can spin this into something more informative.

As it turns out, I didn’t even write that abomination, nor the cryptic “release memo” that accompanied it. It was written by my friend and colleague Keith, who also wrote the prototypes for the shaders in Infiniminer and may be collaborating with Zachtronics Industries in the near future. Consider him the Senior Protocol Architect for Asset Interchange Formats.





The Advanced Graphics Laboratory, a division of Zachtronics Industries, is pleased to announce that a recently developed internal tool has been approved for release to the public! This is a very exciting time for the Advanced Graphics Lab, as this marks the first public release of an internal tool from our lab.

We at the laboratory hope that you, loyal ZI consumer, can apply this compelling new standards-based technology to your own problems with as much success as we have here in the lab.


Senior Protocol Architect for Asset Interchange Formats


DEPENDENCY: Python 2.x
DEPENDENCY: Python Imaging Library



In case it’s not obvious, I’ve switched my site over to WordPress! Expect a proper template sometime in the next few days.

It has come to my attention that the NSIS installer script I’ve been using for ALL of my installers will delete the entire installation directory when doing an uninstall. For anyone who chose the default option, which is to create a new subdirectory in the “Zachtronics Industries” folder in “Program Files”, this is not a problem; the game-specific subdirectory is the only thing that will be deleted. However, if you’ve installed the game directly into a directory with other files, DO NOT USE THE UNINSTALLER, as it will delete those files too.

I’ve uploaded new installers that lack an uninstall option for now, and will hopefully figure out a better solution in the next few days. If anyone else encountered this problem in the past (but didn’t threaten to rip out my entrails) I apologize to you too Free YouTube Download

Exchange of increase ::

Tonc is my reasonably successful tutorial on GBA programming, covering most aspects of the hardware in all its technical glory. Tonc explains the GBA hardware in detail, and how you should and should not work with it. Prior programming knowledge is required, an affinity for mathematics is also recommended.

1.4 is the final version, but I will try to fix errors when they are found. Look in the errata for details.

(2018-06-24) A recent change in devkitArm (probably 48) changed the way ctype.h works, resulting in a broken libtonc.a. To fix it, recompile libtonc manually. Go to the tonclib folder and do `make clean` and `make`. That should do it.

(2013-03-24) fixed for change in DKA r41 prefix (the arm-none-eabi thing).

(2012-05-20) alright, 1.4 was supposed the final version, but GCC 4.7 requires an extra line for assembly routines, so I had to check and fix a number of things. Code's at 1.4.1 now and the rest will follow soon (hopefully).

  • Enter tonc
  • Tonclib manual
  • Post-1.4 errata list

Tonc Downloads

Current (and final) version: v1.4 / v1.4.2

Older versions:

NOTE. I've had a report a while back that the CHM version didn't work. The reason seems to be the silly security settings in Windows that block downloaded CHM files to open properly. If you get this too, open the file's properties and click `Unblock' (Thanks for pointing this out, Kevin Torrent tools


Star Ruler - YouTube


의 사진들과 내용을 번역한 것입니다.

1.초반 석탄채굴

그림과 같이 드릴을 배치함으로서 연료 공급이 끊기지 않는 드릴을 만들 수 있다.

이때 커서를 드릴위에 두고 CTRL R-CLICK하면 석탄을 꺼낼 수 있다.

이런 식으로 사이클을 만들어 갈 수 있다.

2.초반 화로 세팅

이렇게 작게 셋업할 수도 있다.

3.자동화 예제들.

로봇 제작에 매우 많이 쓰이는 배터리의 자동화이다. 공간절약형 이다.

마찬가지로 연구에 많이 사용되는 빨강,초록연구의 자동화이다. 

이쪽이 좀 더 대량 생산을 한다.

4.맵 마커

기차 역을 이용해 맵 마커를 만들 수 있다. 하지만 맵을 축소하게 되면 안 보이게 되는 단점이 있으므로, 철로로 글자를 새기는 것도 추천한다.

5.설정 복사/붙여넣기

만약 같은 내용을 셋업해야 할때(ex/조립공장, 지능형 투입기등등...) 하나를 설정하고, 커서를 올린 후 쉬프트 우클릭으로 설정내용을 복사한다. 그 후 다른 개체에 쉬프트 좌클릭을 하면 복사가 된다.

6.벨트 버퍼

만약 벨트에 아이템이 쌓이게 되면, 드릴이 멈춘다 던지 하는 상황이 오게 된다. 이때, 버퍼를 활용 함으로서 중간에 아이템을 저장할 수 있게 한다.

7. 보일러 셋업

스팀발전소를 셋업할때, 엔진을 그냥 잇게 되면 전선을 연결할 공간이 없어진다. 다음과 같이 한칸을 띄워두고 연결을 하게 되면 그 문제를 해결할 수 있게 된다.

다음 글은 투입기와 벨트에 관한 규칙들을 써야지 Transform Windows 7 and XP to ubuntu New !!

I Am A where the mundane becomes fascinating and the .

The world’s most accurate ranking of the 25 best puzzle games ever to reach a computer. Plucking the peak of PC puzzling, we break down what makes them so special, and put them in the correct order. Read on for more time travel, rearranged tiles, hidden objects and hexed cells than you could ever want.

Puzzle games are one of those rare genres where the PC can sometimes shine less brightly than elsewhere. When it comes to thinking of classics of the genre, you very quickly discover that you need to think about the Nintendo DS, some of the classic 80s consoles, and of course the modern homes of puzzle gaming, iOS and Android. So when you put together a PC list, you’re omitting names like Mr Driller, Meteos, Flow Free, Picross 3D, Slitherlink, all the Layton games, the handheld Mario Vs Donkey Kong series, Echochrome…

And yet, there’s still so much glory to be found. So put aside your prescription from Dr. Mario, and embrace some of the finest puzzling experiences you can find.

Of course, there’s the additional huge problem of defining what exactly is a puzzle game Are we talking purist puzzling, or does it include arcade challenges like match-3, first-person narratives like Portal, or platforming-esque challenges like Lemmings To answer that: yes, it does. It’s all those things. So in the list below, you’ll likely find entries that entirely suit your puzzling tastes, and others that you’ll think don’t belong – for the next reader, they’ll be the other way around. One thing that we’re not counting is adventure games, even though they obviously include puzzles.

Of course, there are a lot more than 25 great puzzle games on PC, so there will also be games that don’t appear that you’ll be convinced should be there – remember, this isn’t a slight on them, it’s a personal insult to you and your ridiculous tastes. No, no it isn’t. Just leave your suggestions and reasons why in the comments below.

We’ve broken it down into pages, to stop the bottom of the page getting crumpled on the floor. You can skip ahead here, but don’t, read them in order, allowing yourself to grow increasingly angry about the potential absence of your favourite.






Number One


Jigsaw image by James Petts.

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Read more I’m glad to see that you guys are excited about SpaceChem, because I know that I am! To answer a few questions from the comments: – As payjack points out, this .,Tonc is my reasonably successful tutorial on GBA programming, covering most aspects of the hardware in all its technical glory. Tonc explains the GBA hardware in .,With this collection of resources, you can teach your students to code—even if you’re still learning yourself.

Read more 1. IP ! admin, admin.,March 18, 2010 Patch (First Community Contribution Update) The Physician's Procedure Mask was added to the game. March 19, 2010 Patch. The Physician's Procedure Mask .,Buy SpaceChem [Online Game Code]: Read 1 Everything Else Reviews -

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